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What are the ages for concession tickets?
Concessions are Children under 16 or Adults over 60.

Can my baby come with me?
Infants under 2 years, are free of charge and do not require a ticket. They must sit on the lap of an adult and will not have access to a seat of their own. Should you wish them to have their own seat, the normal child rate will apply.
Please take into consideration age restrictions on certain performances before bringing children.

Do you have areas for wheelchair users and companions?
Yes we have space for between 6-11 wheelchairs per performance and wherever possible we try to accommodate carers, companions and family within the same area, or very close by. Please call us on 07533 021 407 to book into these areas.

Do you offer free carer tickets?
In line with the Sheffield City Hall’s carer policy, we can offer 1 free carer per paying ticket. This is subject to checks, please call us to book and mention needing a carer ticket the time of booking.

How can I join as a performer?
Please visit for the latest information

How can I volunteer backstage or front of house?
Please email us on

I’ve changed my mind about coming, can I have a refund?
We cannot refund tickets unless the performance is cancelled by Manor Operatic Society.

I would like to come on another day, can I swap my tickets?
We may be able to move your tickets subject to availability, a fee may apply and there may be a price increase. Please call 07533 021 407 before the date on your current tickets.

Can I make a group booking?
Yes absolutely! Please call us on 07533 021 407 where we can reserve tickets for parties of over 10 people. We will give you a date that the payment will need to be made, which gives time for you to collect monies from your group.

Do you use pyrotechnics or flashing lights?
Yes we may use special effects, pyrotechnics, UV lighting, flashing lights and other effects throughout the performance.

How do I get a shout out or birthday announcement during the pantomime?
Please either contact us by email or write your announcement clearly on a piece of paper and hand it to a Manor Operatic Society steward upon entering the auditorium on the day of the performance. Whilst we endeavor to read every shout out, due to time constraints, sometimes this isn't possible.
Please note shout outs are only available during the Pantomimes and will be disregarded for performances throughout the rest of the year.



To clarify any of the above points or for more information, please email or call 07533 021 407

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